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Welcome to the Cheshire Cheese Inn on Edale Road, Hope. The building dates from 1632 and was originally two cottages.

Indeed, one of the original doorways is still visible next to the present entrance. While the adjacent cottage now part of the inn originally had a doorway at the head of a set of stone steps leading to the upper storey.

The ways through, and across the valley, held their importance for salt traffic in medieval times, and also with the sheep drovers. The building we know as the Cheshire Cheese was originally a small farmstead, set back from the old pack horse route. Much of the old salt route has now disappeared beneath the fields across the valley towards Edale, and has been replaced by the present road.

The Cheshire Cheese was not an uncommon sign. The original intention was to denote that good entertainment, bread and cheese as well as beer was to be had within and this tradition continues today.

Full history including photographs are on display in the Cheshire Cheese Inn.

The cheshire cheese an old photoOld photo of the Cheshire Cheese